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Project details

Wiki Microsites Content Management System Mobile Alerts SEO

Project description

Customer: This is a scientific nonprofit society, which promotes the study of rheumatism and related medical problems. It has 1,500 associates, including rheumatologists, students, MIR, researchers and pharmacists.

Project: 2mdc expands and renews their old website, exclusively for doctors, to develop a web of great extent, intuitive and uncluttered. We created a section for patients and other users. We applied the following items too:

  • A Wiki of rheumatology content.
  • An events section.
  • A section to host online magazines: ConoSER and Los Reumatismos.
  • Different microsites for the Society Congresses.
Other portal features are: a CMS for content management, a professional and center locator with Google Maps API and an alert system for cell phones. At 2mdc we also took charge of improving the SEO positioning. To do this, we scheduled a content labelling plan and a URL cleaning system. Very soon, traffic reports showed an improvement of the positioning of the web.