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2mdc is a web development company located in Madrid. Since 1999, we’ve been shaping projects for our customers. We are passionate about our work. We like to see our customers satisfied. We want you to be as proud of the results as we are. We enjoy direct contact. We are not interested in abstractions: our thing is dealing with people.

We enjoyed sharing the hopes of those who trust us. We know how important it is to meet a deadline or design a strategyon time. Therefore we strive to meet your needs with promptness, quality and efficiency.

  • We are a multidisciplinary team. We have experience in many businesses, from solutions for large companies to the first steps of small and medium size companies. We have achieved an excellent reputation in the sector thanks to their recommendation.

    Our lives are the new technologies. We know they can lead to the progress of society. Because of this, we participate in ECH: TOPPIC European project Eureka for the digitization and preservation of Europe's musical legacy. We also work in NeuroKCNQPathies, European FP6 project to study trans-neuronal channels through the development and manteinance of its Intranet and website.

    If you have an idea to take to the Internet, in 2mdc we have a way to do it. Get in touch with us. We’d like to talk to you.

  • Web Development

    At 2mdc we develop custom websites for our clients. We handle the main tools to address each project with the best solution, but we specialize in:
    • Development with content management systems like Drupal, WordPress, Prestashop, Magento...
    • Custom projects with frameworks like Symfony, Express, Django... where even the smallest detail counts.
    We are experts in the main and mandatory programming languages in this area: PHP, Python, Java and JavaScript. We take care of standards, always with HTML5 in mind.
  • Our products

    At 2mdc we create our own range of software, innovative and internationally renowned products. We like to image efficient solutions to usual requirements in office software, multimedia content management, logistics, finances, geolocation and others.
    The main programs that have come out of our lab are:
    • phpdocx, to generate dynamic PDF and Word documents with PHP.
    • xmldocx, to generate dynamic PDF and Word documents with Python, Ruby, C#(.Net), node.js, C, C++ and Java.
    • javadocx, to generate dynamic PDF and Word documents with Java.
    • dynadocx, to generate DOCX from HTML, CSS and JSON.
    • phpxlsx, to generate dynamic XLSX spreadsheets with PHP.
    • phppptx, to generate custom PPTX presentations with PHP.
    • Business tools such as intranets and ERPs.
  • Other services

    The work in 2mdc does not confine only to what the other sections describe. Our approach to web development covers the entire lifecycle of a site. Each project is unique and unrepeatable, and requires specific solutions. We take care of every step of the project with:
    • Effectiveness
    • Promptness
    • Quality
    • Respect to deadlines

What we offer

At 2mdc we specialize in Rich Internet Applications. We cover the entire life process of any project, from web and graphic design, respecting the corporative image of each company, to content and text edition and multimedia, creating e-learning courses, system management and consulting on the final and operative site.

We work with "scripting" languages (PHP, JSP and ASP), databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle) and operating systems (Linux, Windows Server). We design interfaces (Front-end and Back-end) in HTML5 with multiple integrations: Google Maps, Web Services, Multimedia Flash, QuickTime Video, and so on...

We have several web servers available in Spain (Hostalia), UK (RackSpace), and USA (Amazon and Google) high performance and high volume transfer.

Our team is specialist in every project step. We are:

  • Programmers, experts in web development and software, mash-ups and data management.
  • Designers, able to give shape and color to a project´s vision and mission.
  • System administrators, in charge of efficiently manage the performance and safety of a project.
  • Content managers, versed in composing and updating data and words of a website.
  • Analysts, trained in management, positioning, IT, and other consulting fields.

At 2mdc we are committed to producing an effective, efficient and high quality development. Our priorities are: usability, accessibility, indexability and updating, because every website is a living project.

We want our name to be the best reference, and the results to speak for themselves. For its educational, innovative quality, Macromedia honored our own web project www.autoescuela.tv, with the prestigious e-learning innovation award. It was the first project made in Spain to receive it.


Web development

Programming is our reason for being: we have developed many projects from beginning to end. We have always met our clients goals without neglecting any step of the process.

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Web design

At 2mdc we design each project´s look and feel with as much passion as its development. As designers, we ensure that the project interface has the right aesthetic.

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Web applications

2mdc develops of Rich Internet Applications, from Intranets for small companies to projects funded by the European Union or sophisticated software packages.

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Educational portals

Online education is a rising star in the society of information. Macromedia honored our project Autoescuela.tv with the prestigious e-learning innovation award.

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Your online shop in good hands. We develop custom projects for intuitive, safe shopping, with many means of payment and create management interfaces with lots of care.

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Web consulting

Good advice and web consultancy are essential for a successful landing on Internet. In 2mdc we combine our experience in the Internet world with the necessary "know-how”.

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Internet is not only text and images: we generate multimedia items, always caring to support the project´s idea without replacing it.

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Developing a web is just the beginning of any online project´s strategy. In 2mdc we focus our work in order to make every page gain the best SEO positioning.

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Web contents

We plan every project as a regular job in constant revision and updating. We expand and generate new contents in order to increase web traffic.

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System mgnt.

We offer you the possibility of hiring with us a complete project´s infrastructure. Hardware, software or administration services.

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We provide web hosting services and online support. This simplifies the work and brings an advantage: a single spokeperson in the project communication.

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Our own products

We create our own range of software, innovative and internationally renowned products. We image efficient solutions to usual technology requirements.

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