At 2mdc we create our own range of software; innovative and internationally recognized products. We like to think of efficient solutions to usual requirements for office software, digital asset management, logistics, finances, geolocation and others. More than 15,000 customers and users have already enjoyed their benefits.

At 2mdc:

  • We regularly update these programs.
  • We develop new versions and upgrades.
  • We guarantee maintenance services and technical support.
  • We regularly publish offers and discounts.

We like communities to grow around our programs and listening to our customers' opinions. So, all of our software has online presence in social networks and has forums in their websites.

Many of our customers have trusted our programs. Some of them are the Harvard University, NASA or


The 2mdc document generation product family


Easily generate on your server PDF and Word documents fit for your company's needs, taking advantage of the power of PHP. Available in different licenses.

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xmldocx: a powerful tool for document generation. Create sophisticated DOCX or PDFs on your web server from scratch or with templates. Work with the most widely used coding languages.

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Generate Word documents with HTML, CSS and JSON. dynadocx lets you add contents, design its properties or generate documents from scratch or templates. Compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS.



Do you need to generate Word documents with Java? javadocx allows you to create sophisticated Word documents by extracting information from any source.

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Generate and customize PowerPoint presentations. Convert to PDF and other formats, import HTML, sign and encrypt them, add text and multimedia contents... with maximum quality.

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Generate amazing MS Excel files and spreadsheets, from scratch or with templates. Add contents, functions, import HTML, transform to PDF and more. Easy!

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