At 2mdc we take care of a project´s infrastructure just like of its contents and technologies that take them to the internet.

We offer the possibility of hiring with us part of all of a project's technological infrastructure. Our system administration covers three key points:


We take charge of providing our clients hardware systems with the following conditions:

  • Quick Delivery.
  • Home delivery.
  • Rent and sale options.
  • New and second hand with warranty products.
  • National and international manufacturers.
  • Original and compatible accessories.
  • Consumable supplies –for orders of 200€ or more.

Systems, devices and peripherals

We supply systems of all sizes from the main vendors (IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, Fujitsu-Siemens or EMCs). We sell either current or discontinued products (ES9000, RS/6000, AS/400 or HP 9000).

We offer supplementary peripherals and devices: processors, disks, memories, cards, and either in proprietary as compatible models.

If desired, we supply the manufacturer´s software as well as the installation, extension, updating and maintenance services.

Intel servers, personal computers and their devices and peripherals

We provide Intel servers and PCs by the major brands and cloned systems of proven quality.

We offer too all kind of devices like disks, memories and cards, and peripherals like printers, scanners, screens, plotters, graphics tables and digital cameras.

Mobility solutions, fixed and cell phone

We work with all the available solutions to manage mobile information.

  • Laptops.
  • PDAs and cell phones.
  • Tablets.
  • Printers and printing servers.
  • Wireless networks and WiFi technology.
  • Bluetooh.
  • GSM and GPRS.

We also handle fixed and mobile phone options either with switchboards or terminals and accessories with the major national and foreign manufacturers. We design, install, set up and maintain our customers' systems.


We supply original and compatible consumables from all manufacturers and models, even discounted ones, including:

  • Toner
  • Catridges
  • Tapes
  • Fusion units
  • Tags
  • Paper


We design, develop and sell our own range of software, internationally renowned:

  • Miscellaneous: we program office, online content management and system management software.
  • We train the staff who will use it.
  • Adapted to international market.
  • Short delivery.
  • Constant updates.
  • Competitive prices and regular promotions.
  • User technical support.

Management services

To make each project´s infrastructure work at maximum power and efficiency, we offer the following services:

  • Hardware and software installation and set-up.
  • Lan, WAN and VPN network architecture and installation. Traditional wiring or fiber optics with wireless technology.
  • ADSL solutions set-up. That includes management with the contracted telephony suppliers.
  • Technical support.

As professionals we train ourselves constantly so we can offer our customer's features like the following:

  • System monitoring for solving issues.
  • System optimization to assume peak demands.
  • Scheduled backups.
  • Project change coordination.
  • Troubleshooting of security breaches, network attacks and legal problems.
  • Technical and strategic counseling.