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Project description

We have developed a mailing management system for marketing campaigns. This allows to create and maintain mailing lists from user databases. It is possible to send mail to large groups of recipients, either the entire base or a specific group, using a motor filter that selects users in various categories:

  • Geographical area.
  • Customer Type.
  • Date.
  • If the recipient previously received an email.
The application keeps a record of all mailings and shipping data. This allows to easily resend an existing email. The main features of the application are:
  • Filtering users in real time.
  • Storing lists with all its data.
  • Option to duplicate lists, add new customers or print for statistical results.
  • Option that informs the user if the recipient has received a mailing before.
  • Customizable HTML templates with dynamic fields.
  • Preview of shipments.
  • Unsubscribe mode.