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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Symfony 2 Bootstrap 2
Web design Web development Responsive Own Product

Project description

Project: javadocx is a tool for the dynamic generation of Word and PDF documents in a web server with Java in a web server, either from scratch or by the substitution of variables in templates. It also generates documents from Excel, CSV files or any other data source. javadocx is compatible with all MS Word versions and works in Windows, Linux and macOS web servers.

javadocx is one of the first libraries of 2mdc. Since its release it has know many versions and web pages with many different stylings. On the occasion of the launch of javadocx version 4, we designed a completely brand-new, modern site. We renewed its logo, the corporate colors and the page iconography. We wrote a new documentation from scratch and created a License Update Service and a ticketing support system that mirrors the one used for phpdocx and xmldocx. The new javadocx website includes:

  • FAQs
  • Documentation
  • Private area for registered users
  • Web search
  • Slider for the home section showing the main features