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Project details

HTML, CSS, PHP Symfony Drupal
Web Design DWeb Development Intranet

Project description

Intranets make the online work and content sharing in a company easier. Our intranets stand out among our projects. We have done intranets for the CSIC General Foundation, the European projects ECH, KCNQpathies and SEPLA (Spanish Union of Airline Pilots).
We choose OpenSource systems like Drupal. This is a very popular tool: entities' sites like the White House, the French Government, the City of London, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Nvidia, Intel or the web idealista.com use it.
We also program in frameworks like Symfony. Our intranets include:

  • An authentication, user registration and profiling system.
  • Event Management Private Agenda.
  • Shared Agenda for Workgroups.
  • Meeting Management.
  • Directory of users and customers.
  • Human Resources Custom Management.
  • Real-time communication in the database.
  • Libraries Online Document management.
  • Forum adapted to profile.
  • Management of workflow and email sending to users.
  • Web services with SOAP protocol for secure Access.