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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Symfony 2
Management Interface Management Consultation Surveys Statistical Report

Project description

Customer: AEDV is the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, a medical-scientific academy, of a civil and apolitical nature, based on voluntary work. It promotes the study of the skin and its diseases for the benefit of patients and to pay attention to the problems related to the specialty. Euromelanoma is an annual screening session conference. It offers free consultations by dermatologists to raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer and the need for sun protection.

Project: After the success of their website, AEDV requested an exclusive Euromelanoma portal for both doctors and patients. We programmed it with Symfony 2. It consists in a management interface and an intranet for doctors, including:

  • Access with CAS.
  • Consultation section that allows to create a file for each medical center with a map for geolocation.
  • Patients section where they can fill and check a health survey.
  • Notifications section.
  • Help.
  • Statistics reports.
For patients, the web provides:
  • Online booking in medical centers. They are geolocated by communities with a map and show useful information such as opening hours.
  • Previous dermatological survey for its use in the screening.
2mdc is also in charge of the statistical report of the results of the campaign, as well as a satisfaction survey for specialists after the event.