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Project details

Lenguajes usados:
HTML, CSS Google
Web design Web development Content Finder

Project description

We have developed a R&D search engine for General CSIC Foundation. For this project we combined Google technology with information on centers of excellence in research.

The tool works like Google search engine with the additional extra information provided by the FGCSIC. This search has grown and improved over time, as it incorporates information from various sources to further refine the results.

Google bases the results on the relevance of these terms and popularity of the page, which alters the results, as it primes success over site quality.

Our search engine fixes this with a quality ranking and a site filter with the Foundation predetermined criteria.

The search engine comes with an intuitive, simple management interface that allows to update contents. This keeps a constant results quality. The interface allows to:

  • Set up the search engine
  • Add or remove filters
  • Add or remove search links
  • Modify the ranking of links
  • Import Links