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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Mod-rewrite
Web design Web development SEO Positioning

Project description

Concursospublicos.com is a leading portal about awards and public competitions in Spain. Despite its large number of online customers and their paid ads on Google, search engine results were very poor. The customer asked for:

  • A redesign of the information architecture.
  • To perfect the site and some labelling to improve usability.
  • SEO optimization.
  • A brand image and online visibility enhancement.
For this we chose to do the following:
  • To remove flash content and limit the contents to HTML and CSS.
  • Tag pages.
  • Use mod-rewrite Apache to transform the HTML plane content into a dynamic one.
  • Reconfigure the Apache server to redirect URLs.
  • Optimize registration processes and BackOffice.
The results of the consultation exceeded all expectations. The work increased the registered users' data base, website traffic and keyworkd positioning.