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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Drupal 7 jQuery Mobile
Web Design Online Platform Content management Wiki Private area

Project description:

Customer: AEDV is a medical-scientific academy, of a civil and apolitical nature, based on voluntary work. It promotes the study of the skin and its diseases for the benefit of patients and to pay attention to the problems related to the specialty.

Project: 2mdc renews its website in order to organize and harmonize its contents, which collect all the Academy knowledge through more than a hundred years of history. We organize information with Drupal 7, which enhances content creation and speeds up the web and its microsites. We have created:

  • An e-learning, Moodle-based platform for Virtual Class of the Academy.
  • A search form for medical centers and doctors.
  • A platform to host their DerMactual and DerMagazine magazines.
  • A Wiki of dermatological items.
  • A private area for the interaction of academics, with a bulletin board and other relevant documents.
These are some of the technologies we used:
  • Solr for the Index.
  • Login through CAS.
  • Management of the informed consents with docusuit_.
2mdc is also responsible for sending monthly newsletters for academics and the management of AEDV social profiles.
Finally we integrated the web in a mobile optimized version, with jQuery Mobile.