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Project details

Web design Web development Web application Documents Management

Project description

We have developed for the General Foundation of the Research Council (FGCSIC) a web application to collect and preload data to develop their plan of action in Foundation centers. We also created an independent tool for external groups to evaluate the centers.
We adapted the web application to the strategic plans of FGCSIC. It supports several types of users with different permissions and gateways, as it is meant for the Foundation staff and members of external committees to use it.
We developed several interfaces according to project needs: to capture, present and evaluate the data.
We overcame difficulties like a short-term development, a large volume of data to manage and a great spectrum of profiles. Finish the application required to:

  • Prepare reports for more than 100 centers and over 1000 scientific, technical and management services.
  • Generate more than 115,000 pages.
  • Perform over 4,000 reviews.
  • Enhance exports to Excel and PDF.
  • Handle more than 160MB of "raw data" and 7Gb documentation.