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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Symfony 2 Bootstrap 3
Web design Web development Responsive Own Product

Project description

Project description: phppptx is a library for the dynamic generation MS PowerPoint presentations with PHP. Files can be created from scratch or templates, by replacing variables on a placeholder. It allows conversion to PDF and other formats, import from HTML, adding texts and multiple media contents, including images, videos, audios or charts, among many other features.

phppptx is a tool developed by the same team that created phpdocx and the rest of the dynamic document generation library family, javadocx, xmldocx, phpxlsx and dynadocx. As a way of unifying the look and feel of these products, we took the original phpdocx web template and adapted it with specific logo, corporate colors, images and texts. The phppptx website includes:

  • FAQs
  • Forum
  • Search Engine
  • Slider at home page with the main features of the product