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Project details

Web Design Web development Content Management System

Project description

Customer: The Applied Physics department of the Madrid Autónoma University Sciences Faculty comissioned the project. This department belongs to the Advance Materials Science and Engineering area. It counts with a great research expertise in photovoltaic or magnetic materials for optoelectronics and thin sections among others. They belong to the Physics and Physics degree grades and they teach Applied Physics elective courses. Besides that, they are present in the Chemicals grade and degree in the Politécnica Superior School. They coordinate an applied materiales master course and another one for combustible energies for the future.

Project: We in 2mdc developed a website where the Department can promote their research threads, their events and news, the jobs positions and scholarships they offer, among other information about their academic work. We designed the portal with Drupal 6. It includes:

  • A slider at the home.
  • A search engine.
  • English version of the website.