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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Symfony 1
Web design Web development Contact manager

Project description

Customer: The CSIC Foundation web is a portal of convergence services for the Spanish R+D I, where various scientific and social agents of science, technology and innovation communicate. Its mission is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, promote private funding of R&D and collaborate on innovation internationalization.

Project: The CSIC Foundation requests 2mdc a manager for their contacts, who come from different fields worldwide like research, development and innovation. The final database has more than 37.000 entries. We developed it with Symfony 1, and it contains:

  • Six different user levels with different accesses and permissions.
  • Four levels of application structure.
  • Simple and advanced search with various filters.
  • Entry list with a high level categorization, keywords, organization to which it belongs, personal data or evaluation.
  • Base statistical data, adjustable through many filters.
  • Special management section in a manager interface with peripheral tables.
  • Traceability for historic analysis of a contact, position or company, with the chance of recovering previous versions.