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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP Drupal 6
Web design Web development Content Management

Project description

Customer: CCARS is the acronym for the Scientific Advisory Committee on Radio Frequencies and Health. It is an independent institution formed by experts in medicine, physics, chemistry, biology and law, created for scientific and technical advice for public authorities. Among other activities, it reports on the possible effects of RF on the health of the population, coordinates national and international activities, news reports and maintains a network of information exchange and consultations on this matter.

Project: 2mdc prepares the site for CCARS to present the committee to users and to publish their activities. 2mdc designed it with Drupal 6 with the following contents:

  • Events and activities
  • News
  • Documents for download
  • FAQs
  • RSS news feed
  • Videos
  • Search form
  • Full version of the website in English