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Project details

HTML, CSS PHP and MySQL Javascript
Web design Web Development Content Management Search form Online Shop

Project description

Customer: Tabaiba is one of the leading brands in the marketing of Aloe Vera cosmetic products of the Canary Islands. This is a privileged place for growing high quality Aloea Vera plants. Tabaiba Aloe Vera creams are organic products and 3% of their sales go to a Childs NGO.

Project: 2mdc designed for Tabaiba a website where the most important element is their product catalog. It includes:

  • Product search through various categories and keywords.
  • Product catalog that can be ordered by families.
  • Online shop with virtual payment gateway.
For the design we used the following technologies:
  • JavaScript for search results and dynamic menus pre-filtering.
  • PHP and MySQL for developing the catalog manager.